January 10th 2020

Action Alert

The New Jersey Catholic Conference encouraging the Catholic faithful across New Jersey to contact Governor Murphy in regard to a bill that has been sent to his desk for his signature.

 The bill expands insurance coverage for abortion and removes the religious exemption thus requiring church organizations to provide services and/or drugs which are contrary to God’s law.

 It is of the utmost importance that the Catholic faithful make themselves heard on this issue by writing to the Governor and asking him to veto the bill.  The loss of this religious exemption could lead to further restrictions being placed on the Church and its institutions. 

 Please do your best to circulate the NJCC alert with its link that allows the faithful to write directly to the Governor’s Office as soon as possible.  This is a time-sensitive request since the Governor could sign the bill as early as next week. To send a message to Governor Murphy go to https://njcatholic.org/faith-in-action?vvsrc=%2fCampaigns%2f70232%2fRespond%3fvvcgUT%3dwvxkm8w4M19Evuvkc6iKrg%26vvcgRD%3dBzrRfbMUW4JcfQc%26vvsbr%3d6Q0PgOwvcGzG57Gs5FviQg