August 23rd 2019

Diocesan Walking Pilgrimage- September 21, 2019

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey that we make in order to move us closer to God. Historically speaking, pilgrimages were done on foot, that is, the people on the pilgrimage walked the entire distance, sometimes hundreds of miles over the course of days, weeks or even months depending on the starting and end points (they didn’t ride in air-conditioned planes or buses nor eat sumptuous meals or sleep in 5 star hotels!). The reality of those making a pilgrimage was that of the postman - wind, rain , sleet, snow, sun and of course, dogs! Seen as a sacrificial expedition of faith, pilgrims set out on their trek usually for several  reasons, to do penance for sins, to ask for some special grace for oneself or another or to give thanks to God for graces received.
During this Year of Spiritual Awakening we are setting out on this one day walking pilgrimage as part of our preparation for the consecration of the diocese to Our Lady of Guadalupe in December. The particular grace that we are asking Our Blessed Mother to gain for us is a new outpouring of the Gift of the Holy Spirit, as on the day of Pentecost, so that we can be empowered to “set a fire in the heart of our world!” Bishop Checchio recognizes that spiritual renewal among the baptized is crucial for a new work of evangelization to commence in the diocese and for this reason he convoked this year and the consecration.
We invite everyone of able body to make this one-day 9-mile pilgrimage in beautiful Hunterdon County in preparation for the consecration of the Diocese of Metuchen to Our Lady of Guadalupe, particularly our youth and families. Registration details are on the way!   MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW – SEPTMEBER 21, 2019. To download a flyer go to